Best Odds Guaranteed

best price guaranteeIf you’ve had a look at our list of recommended bookmakers then you’ll appreciate that it really is a competitive industry. That is even more evident when you bear in mind that those are just the bookies that we think you should have an account with and that there are plenty of less reputable companies out there, too. It’s not uncommon for a bookmaker to come up with clever ways to win over punters from their competitors, with free bets and price boosts often all the range.

A quick look through our list of the best bookies will have seen a phrase pop up again and again, too - Best Odds Guaranteed. This is a perfect example of an offer that bookmakers put forward to try to win people over and it’s one of the very best ones for horse racing fans. Here we’ll have a look at exactly what the offer entails, what you need to look out for and how you can take advantage of it when it comes to betting on the Cheltenham Festival.

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What Is Best Price Guaranteed in Horse Racing?

The really good news about Best Odds Guaranteed is that it’s really easy to understand and the title tells you pretty much everything you need to know. A bookmaker that offers this deal, which is sometimes referred to as BOG, promises that you will be paid out at the best price you could have got from a race. The easiest way to explain it is to look at a made up example.

Say you place a bet on the Queen Mother Champion Chase in the morning and the odds you get are 5/1, but the horse you bet on actually goes off at 8/1 and wins. Well, in the past that was just hard lines and you’d have to take a gamble of when to place your bet. With a bookie that has the Best Odds Guaranteed offer, however, you’ll be paid out at 8/1 rather than the 5/1 you took.

Of course the reverse of that is also true. If you placed a bet at 8/1 and the Starting Price was 5/1 you’d still end up getting paid at 8/1. It’s win/win for the punter and you’d obviously be mad to place a bet with any bookmaker that doesn’t do the offer when it’s available.

Major Best Price Guarantee Terms

As with pretty much every offer in the betting industry, all bookmakers have their own rules and regulations for how the Best Odds Guarantee gets applied. For example, don’t assume that just because a bookmaker says that have a Best Odds Guarantee that it applies to the race that you’re betting on. Pretty much all of them cover UK and Irish horse racing, but if you want to bet further afield you may need to bet with a specific bookie (see our table at the top of this page).

Other things that you might want to look out are whether or not the offer applies to both Win Singles and Each-Way bets. You will also want to know whether or not there’s a minimum bet you need to place in order to trigger the offer. Sometimes bookmakers want you to bet a minimum amount to qualify.

Bookmakers apply the Best Odds Guaranteed offer usually only on the day of the race, this means you will only be promised the better price if you bet using the early prices (usually available form around 9am on the day of the race) or the board prices.

Given that some bookies have odds on Cheltenham races up to a year in advance (known as ante-post), this stops you from taking advantage of wildly outrageous odds too far in advance of the races.

One of the most important things that higher stakes punters will want to note is if there’s a maximum payout that the bookmaker will give through the offer.

When it comes to payouts, that can make a huge difference if you like to bet big. Say, for example, that you’ve placed a £1000 bet on a horse rated at 30/1. When it goes off it’s actually 45/1. The original bet would have seen you pick up £30,000 in winnings, but the Best Odds Guarantee would mean you’d win £45,000. That’s a difference of £15,000 and some bookmakers might put a limit of £10,000 extra on their BOG offer, so you’ll only be paid £40,000 not £45,000 in that example.  Coral are the best place to go if you think this may apply to you as they have no special limits.

Best Odds Guaranteed Plus

bog plus screenshot

Best Odds Guaranteed is a way of bringing in customers or, at the very least, stopping punters from leaving to go to a competitor. As with most offers that are designed to do make bookmakers competitive, it didn’t take long before some of them tried to find ways of doing something a bit different. The perfect example of this is the Best Odds Guaranteed Plus offer.

This is something done by Ladbrokes and is essentially the same as the other offer but with an added bonus to tempt you over to them. It’s a way of trying to win business rather than just maintaining it, so if you can take advantage of it then you really should. It’s one of the reasons we constantly encourage you to have accounts with as many bookmakers as possible.

Back to the offer itself, the best way to explain what the plus means is to say that you don’t just get paid at the higher offer but you actually get a boost to your winnings. Looking at an example, say you placed your bet at 5/1 and when the race started the horse was 7/1, if it won you’d get paid at 15/2, so you’d get a nice little boost to your winnings.

There are some things you should bear in mind when it comes to the offer. Ladbrokes don’t do BOG Plus on multiple bets, for example, and also don’t pay out on stakes of more than £200 (Max Bog Plus payout is £25,000).  Anything over £200 stake will be paid at the standard BOG rate however so you will still be better off than anywhere else.

How To Use Best Price Guarantee At Cheltenham

When it comes to how exactly this offer will help you out when it comes to betting on Cheltenham, it’s all about getting your bets in early. Bookmakers love the Cheltenham Festival and often put forward really good odds quite early in the day. If a bookie says you can take advantage of their Best Odds Guarantee after 10am on the morning of races then have a look at the odds first thing. Sometimes you’ll be able to get a decent offer on then, but you’ll also know that if the odds lengthen as the day goes on you won’t have missed out by going big early doors.

Given the sheer volume of money placed on say the Cheltenham Festival, it’s not a shock that odds move throughout the day. Big bets on horses can see their price shift dramatically, so knowing that you’re in a position of getting paid at a big price when you place your bet or a bigger one if your horse goes long as the day day progresses is a weight off. Obviously if a bookmaker doesn’t have restrictions in place about when your bet is placed then you’ll want to get ante-post bets in as soon as you can. You’ll need to look out for the terms and conditions to make sure of that, though.